Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wet Enough To Drink

An Opportunity For Reflection
Take Me To The River


Valkyrie - Work in Progress - Paintstation view


Defenders of the North

Carnifex - all done

Triarch Stalkers or Is that a Heat Ray in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Blood Angels Terminator Librarian Conversion Done!

Operation Sealion AAR: Over the Rive Thames

Mansions of Madness - Chthonians
Mansions of Madness – Shoggoth

Oh Aye, More AA eh?
Viking Shield Transfers
Wednesday Gaming Reportage Style
Mostly Pleasure, a Little Pain

Northern General

Cygnar Defender

Melee at Markendorf

Menoth and FW Eldar Tanks

The Display Board of Morr (and AoP qualifier tomorrow)

A Roman Saga

Logan Grimnar painted

All Zlurp'd out.

HELP 50 Comments Needed - URGENTLY

Golden Demon Spain 2012 Slayersword

Golden Demon Spain Photos Live


Ultramarines (even more!)

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: 12 new items from Dark Sword Miniatures!
Mohican Warrior, 1757
Slann, 2nd place at GD Italy '11 La Hire, Gerbevoy 1435
Hordes Circle group - Kaya, Laris and Warpwolves
Orc Balista on Warbeast
Ithandir 54mm

Houses Of Card

Product Review Dave Graffam Models Dock Warehouse
Product Review Dave Graffam Models Bait Shop & Net Menders Shack
Product Review Dave Graffam Models Harbor Masters Tower

Sounds Like A Paint

Unbagging Forge World XV9 Combat Support Armour - Tau Empire

They Are Futile

Resistors Quick Lesson
Ohm's Law Quick Lesson

Tombed (bumped for addage)

Project Tomb Kings - Day 9 - Indian Bones
Project Tomb Kings - Day 8 - Priests Gone Wild!
Project Tomb Kings - Day 7 - Sweet Chariot!
Project Tomb Kings - Day 6 - In The Valley Of The Dry Brush
Project Tomb Kings - Day 5 - Suddenly, chariots!
Project Tomb Kings - Day 4 - Crazy Stage Thing
Project Tomb Kings - Day 3 - Skeleton Archers
Project Tomb Kings - Day 2 - Skeleton Archers
Project Tomb Kings - Day 1 - Skeleton Archers

Not Minor

How to paint a Warrior of Minas Tirith from LotR