Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wanna Give It A Go?

40k Top 10 Hobby Tools


Warmachine Cryx Army Blog

Green Mini (bumped for done)

Dark Potential Table Build @ miniwargaming
Dark Potential Table Build 2
Studio Update 6-11-12
Dark Potential Table Build 3
Dark Potential Table Build 4
Dark Potential Board WIP by
Dark Potential Table Build 5
Dark Potential Board Work In Progress
Dark Potential Table Finished!

Terrain Showcase - Turret Towers
Terrain Showcase - 3" Tower and Conical Roof
Terrain Showcase- Ponds
Terrain Showcase- Fieldstone Bridges
Hirst Arts Ruined Tower
Custom Painted Resin Goblin Stronghold 
Custom Swamp Terrain Set
Ruined Steampunk Tower
Studio Update Circle Orboros
Showcase Trollbloods & Circle Orboros Commission
Studio Update: Hordes Terrain
Studio Update: Hordes Terrain Finished
Terrain Showcase: Hordes Terrain Sets


Airfix 1:76 Matilda "Hedgehog" tank

Scale Model Kustoms - 32 Ford Jalopy Unbox

whats in the box Mal


Big 'Un (bumped for addage)

Objet1000 - Largest Ever 3D Printer for Big Models & Flawless Precision!
Objet1000 Jingle: Changing Design in a BIG Way!
3D Printed Motorbike Suspended in Transparent Block | Euromold 2012
3D Printed Wankel Engine Model | Euromold 2012
Full Size 3D Printed Golf Club | Euromold 2012
The Objet1000 3D Printer - Live at Euromold 2012!
L'imprimante 3D Objet1000 en direct de EuroMold 2012


Make a Hobbit Diorama - Bag End


Review: The Army Painter Quickshade

Piggy Bits

Pig Iron Near Future Review