Thursday, 23 February 2012

Little Men, Flesh and Metal

Happy Man and Mecha-Man tutorial

Great War

20mm Platoon 20 vs 1/72 Emhar, First World War

Popooree Refill

The Battle of Nemausus - Full Report

Airfix StuG IIIG

Tharn Magic!

Ironclad Miniatures - New 15mm Terrain

Mad Robot Miniatures - 28mm Greatcoat Preview

Poles vs Czech Panzers v.3 EW tournament AAR

New models for the Orphans line!

Malifaux: Death Marshal 1

Tyranids! Ommmm nommmmm noommmmm

Sd.Kfz.10 mit 50mm Pak 38 von Caesar Miniatures (1:72).

 Puppets War releases Bzzt Emmitters

From DaveD: 28mm General Colbert of the Lancers of the Imperial Guard (Red Lancers) & Mameluke Standard Bearer (40 points)

Waffen SS Soldier -Ardennes

Remotos pangulin

Szwedzki regiment piechoty/ Swedish infantry regiment

The Armies of Grail Quest, Part One

PK-Pro - New Releases

Dragon Forge - New Bases


Cracking the Groves, Eliminators and Mechanik UA

Compare And ...

Painting with Contrast: Nothing to Fear…

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Ilyad Games Giant Boozer

SAGA Myrmidons- Completed

New Lords of Moria

Panoceania stuff - Diacash
Aleph stuff - Diacash

Corporation Week: Design

February Releases for Infinity!

Adding Non-40k Vehicles to Imperial Guard

It’s Flickr Thursday – The Lord of the Rings
Da Konversion Korner
Hold the line vs. Smash the line


Empress Zulu Movie Characters



Bring out the big guns ..

Dark Eldar Ravagers

Leman Russ repaint

Markus Hartmann z Ostlandu

"A Series of unfortunate modeling setbacks and other updates"

The Herald! 1 of my 6 Pulp City Grails......

Ciężka artyleria

Painted Resin Scratchbuild Spaceship

Some GHQ WW2 Stuff

Astronomi-con Dallas 2012 Results

Showcase: Scout Sergeant Telion as a Blood Angel

Showcase: Skavenslaves with Hand Weapons

Kobblestone Miniatures shows off new ruins

Nailed It

Plague Monk reinforcements FINISHED