Friday, 14 October 2011

What's 'Appenin' Colonel?

Phew ... that was a gloriously, busy, blogging day :)

*Still* unpacking, sorting, storing, reminiscing about things found etc, which is nice.

Loving that mercury lead (jeez) vapour (do not try that at your home), as I salvage bits ...

Getting the bench how I like it ...

Regular readers should realise, that I paint, only when I have to (rarely) and/or I *must* be in the right mood (although, that really needs to change, soon).

Here are some of my current projects ... ORN's base, messing with blues (clearly, from the bench pic, above), for the Zouave's jacket and still trying to get Shaun's hair right (!)... such is obsession !!! ...

Daylight bulb, no flash

Daylight bulb, flash

... oh, and Paypal cash is now clearing, for my PIC programmer etc. and RTV kit purchases ... hehehehe, I'm reight excited, I am :)

BTW, the Ammunition Store has been created, but is still a WIP :)

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