Monday, 29 August 2011

Painting Ponderings

Painting Purgatory: Speed Painting Is The New 40
Painting Purgatory: Reflections


Baneblade 2.0., por Dragonsland


The "Aggressor Viper" work: Tamiya 1/48


The "Alien 3" work: Halcyon 1/6


Screaming bell / Plague furnace: Magnetic assembly

Careless Posts

Propaganda and Information Posters

Hobbycribs Pondering

HOBBY: 40K and Ergonomics - Part 1

More Cake?

Reaper Miniatures - New Chronoscope Releases

Armies on Parade Borrowed

Army Showcase- Orkquisition at Nova Open Invitational

Army Showcase- MBG's Looted Imperial Guard Leafblower

Dark and Dirty

Blood Angels

Iron Love It

Iron Angels

Order of The Reposing Scythe

I have decided on my Sisters' colour scheme (actually, most of the black is to be dark blue, but I have yet to change the pics), so as to match my Marines ...

Battle Sister


Hobbycrib and Hobbit Feet

Studio Update

I danced a little

Miniature 101: Pinning, assembly and basing

Cast Away

Moldmaking and Casting: Brush-on silicone mold tips

Moldmaking and Casting: resin cast into a polyurethane rubber mold 

Flasher in a good way

Flames of War - The Joy of Flashing

Series of kit etc reviews (lots more at SMA)

[In-Box] It’s the biggeAndrea Miniatures- Varathar Dark Guardian - WSS-01 - 54mm

[In-Box] Pegaso Models-Samurai Warrior, Azuchi-Momoyama period, 1568-1600, 54mm

[In-Box] Andrea Miniatures - Menhom - Dark Shadow 54mm

[In-Box] Andrea Miniatures - Ithandir "Blade Of Eternity" 54mm

Very nice

Chapterhouse Studios - Armana'serq Warrior Priestess 28mm Figure

Armana'serq Warrior Priestess

Worth a King's Ransom

Vampire counts Wight King

These aren't the droids you're looking for

Novedades Verano 2011 Star Wars de Knight Models

Force Yourself

Magnetizing Dark Eldar Infantry

Better to make a candle

Tutorial Candles

Nice, Creative, Work

INQ28mm skitarii Wip
Arch Heretek and Other WiPs
INQ28mm combat servitor and some IG

Just gets better and better

Work in Progress 5°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor

You are doing it right

Throne of Skulls - Best Painted from GM

Throne of Skulls, Las Vegas 2011 - Army Showcase

'Ard Boyzers finally find their cameras :)

And finally some pics from 'Ard Boyz

Ard Boys : Chambers' Game 3

Nice little fillers

Hordes of Vormond: lots of zombies on the cheap!
Cheap Zombies are no masterpieces, but they are cheap

Under the weather

Making your own weathering powders