Monday, 3 December 2012


AG Zeydra review

Episode 100 part 2 of 2
Episode 100 part 1 of 2

There Is A Station

Flames of War Prepainted Train Station (Battlefield in a Box Unboxing)


unboxing njal stormcaller

Bastions (bumped for addage)

Unboxing Imperial Bastion - Warhammer 40k (40000)
Imperial Bastion - Built but still Grey - Warhammer 40k
Imperial Bastion - Basecoated
Imperial Bastion - Detail Painting Done - Warhammer 40k
Imperial Bastion - Weathering - Showcase - Com Art Real Deal Weathering Kit

Brutal (bumped for done)

Chaos Commissions 2 Helbrute
Dark Vengance Helbrute conversion pt.2

Quite Super

Glues for basing & assembly, part 1: superglue

Ah Ha, Mee Ladies

Fully Painted Pirate Girls
EASY How to Paint White Warhammer Fantasy & 40k

Save One For Me Please

Natakue's Corner Reviews: Kingdom Death Pinup Savior

Looking Pastey

Modeling Paste Review and Ideas