Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Eh, OK Then ...

Having Fun With A Simple Press Mold
Mk 1 Predator/AAV for the Emperor's Great Crusade

Clawing it back

Plagueclaw Catapult update...


3D Art: Undead Wizard


Work Space & Ergonomics

You Want Chips?

Hobby Basics- Chipped Paint the Bare Metal Effect

Day Are De Law

Justice Department Group Shot

Armies on Parade - Borrowed

Armies on Parade- Daily Gallery

Wonderfully Wyrd

Wyrd Miniatures - Malifaux October Releases


Armorcast September releases

Painting Ponderings

Painting for Tournaments, Part 3: Painting the Darn Minis
Painting for Tournaments: The 'Dex

Erfurtification 2011

Con: Bilder aus Erfurt 1
Con: Bilder aus Erfurt 2

How He ...

How I paint Deathwing bone armour


Review: Hail Caesar Skorpione


Warpath: Gussrahmen der Marauders
Marauder Orx Sprues from Mantic


Mad Orc Waaaghboss King & Brother Aurelion

Yes Siree

Small guide to old West miniatures

Light Up Your Life

Lighting Tutorial: Basic tools part 2
Lighting Tutorial: Basic tools part 1