Sunday, 28 April 2013

Two Come At Once

Unboxing flames of war open fire starter set

Unboxing Flames of War Open Fire! (Battlefront)


Revell Mil-28 Havoc 1/72 Scale Model Kit Review
Revell Messerschmitt Me 410 A2 U-4 1/72 Scale Model Kit Review 


Geek of the Week

Kicked To Death

Deadzone - The Sci-fi Miniatures Skirmish Game
Contagion Outbreak confirmed


How to paint Tau Sunshark Bomber? Part 2/2
How to paint Tau Sunshark Bomber? Part 1/2


Gundam AGE-1 Normal & Razor Mode ausgepackt
Let's build: Gundam AGE-1 Normal (german)

The Wonderful Thing About

Fiat G91 Tiger Meet

Big Exalting

Un-boxing Skorne Mammoth
Un-blistering of Exalted Makeda

The Skinny

Jurassic Park's T-Rex - PART TWO - Skinning an Animatronic Dinosaur
Jurassic Park's T-Rex - PART ONE - Skinning an Animatronic Dinosaur

Yay !!!

Let's Paint A T-34 85

How Irregular

Advice on my 28mm Afghan Miniature
28mm Eureka Minatures Afghan Gurerrillas for My Force on Force project
Force on Force book review with A quick rammble


Blood Angel Army and General Hobby Update

Heavyweight (bumped for addage)

DUST TACTICS Diorama #3 Plaster / Color / Minis / Ready

Video Review Dust Tactics Light Panzer Walker - Heinrich, Hermann
Video Review Dust Tactics Heavy Panzer Walker Konigsluther, Sturmkonig
Video Review Dust Tactics Heavy Assault Walker Punisher, Fireball
Video Review Dust Tactics KV47 Walker Nadya, Natalya, Natasha
Video Review Dust Tactics Axis Walker Luther , Ludwig, Lothar
Video Review Dust Tactics Hot Dog, Pounder, Steel Rain, Mickey Walker
Video Review Dust Tactics Core SET (Revised)


Unboxing Dark Elf Cold One Knights


How to Paint High Elf Prince Althran