Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Gloriously Old


Housey, Housey

Prototype house

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Warhammer Podcasting: Heelan Hammer

Shine a Light

Lighting Your Hobby Area

Tables to die on

AdeptiCon Tables


Steve Whitehead's Chaos Theory

Stay Frosty

News Andrea Miniatures

Foaming at the pocket

Keeping Your Stuff Safe- BattleFoam

Making Poo

Forge World Great unclean one part 3

Got the urge to paint and base an old Necron (Part 1)

Metallic red (was inspired by a friend) is my plan.

Superb - don't get many DE that pop my cork as a paint-job

Dark Eldar Dracon

The Old New Days

Forgeworld Heresy Era Blood Angels Squad

Why powder when you can paint?

Weathering figs/models without powders.

Hit it with a hammer and save some cash

Scenic Terrain – Rocks

Just Lovely

White Coat Command

THIS is a Candle

Guns & Candles

Dreaded Magnets

The Difficulty in Magnetizing a Dreadknight

Always a sucker for a lady

Wip: Kingdom Death's Preacher Pin-up

Preacher Pinup

I like where these are going

FW Nurgle Terminators W.I.P II