Thursday, 11 October 2012

Careful With The Flamers

Warhammer 40k JetBike / Ing. Spendlik/ scale around 1:16

Star Tutorials

Painting star pattern on cloak 

Bloody Tutorials

Chaos Space Marine Week: Painting a Bloodletter of Khorne (Warhammer 40K Painting Tutorial)

Cast At Last

How to cast resin bases in your own mold
How to make molds to cast your bases!


Top Tip - Thinning Your Paints


Ultrasonic cleaner *Pro Tip*

On Show

More from the Brampton Model Show
Cars & Racers at the Brampton Model Show 2012

Beep Beep

3D Printer With 107 Materials! | Objet Connex Range

Don't Ask

40K Inquisitor Henchmen Diorama finished


Mantic DreadBall Pitches!
Mantic DreadBall Extended Gameplay Video!

What's Bad?

BoLS Terrain Review | Badlands Series from GF9

Snow Good

Product Review: Design Master Color Tex - Flurry


Under a Thousand Sons ~ Converting Chaos Cultists
Converting Dark Vengence #1 Cultists

Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists Gallery

Organised Chaos (bumped for addage)

Review Codex Chaos Space Marines
Under the cover, 6th ed Chaos Codex
NEW Chaos Space Marine Codex Review
Codex chaos space marines 6th edition opinion
Chaos Space Marine Codex commentary 
Taking a quick look at the Limited Edition Space Marine Chaos Codex.
First Look at the Chaos Space Marine Codex
Chaos Marines: Psychic Cards
New Chaos Codex
Chaos Space Marine Codex+Psi Karten

Unboxing Chaos Space Marine Kyborgs

Heldrake Unboxing Chaos Space Marines
Unboxing Dark Vengeance 40k Chaos Chosen
Chaos Space Marine Heldrake Unboxing
Chaos Marines: Heldrake
Unboxing the Heldrake... New Chaos Space Marine Flyer! (Warhammer 40K Unboxing)
Unboxing The New Heldrake Kit

Unboxing - New Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend / Maulerfiend
Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend / Maulerfiend Unboxing 
Maulerfiend Forgefiend Unboxing Chaos Space Marines.
Chaos Marines: Forgefiend and Maulerfiend
Unboxing the new Forgefiend/Maulerfiend Kit
A closer look at the Helldrake and the ForgeFiend for chaos space marines warhammer 40k
Unboxing the Forgefiend & Maulerfiend Kit (Warhammer 40K Unboxing)
Unboxing, Chaos Space Marines Forgefiend/Maulerfiend

Unboxing - New Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith
Chaos Marines: Warp Smith
Unboxing The New Chaos Warpsmith
unboxing the Warpsmith

Chaos Marines: Dark Apostle

Chaos Space Marine Raptors Warp Talons Unboxing
Raptors / Warp Talons Unboxing Chaos Space Marines
Unboxing the New Plastic Raptor & Warp Talon Kit (Warhammer 40K Unboxing)
unboxing raptors / warp talons
Unboxing The New Raptor Chaos Kit
Unboxing Chaos Raptors/Warp Talons (plastic 6th ed kit)

New Chaos Stuff

unboxing Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion
Unboxing the Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion (Warhammer 40K Unboxing)

Wargamepainting New Chaos Crash Reviews

BoLS Product Review - New CSM models | Warhammer 40,000

Unboxing The New Mutilator and Obliterator Kits
unboxing Obliterators
New Chaos Stuff Built

40k Unboxing Chaos Space Marine Sorceror


Austin's Benchmark: Episode 12 (Kromlech Greatcoat)

Rotten, Cherubic, Baby, Gangers

Taking a look at my first Malifaux minis. Baby Kane, Rotten Belles, Cherub and a Doppleganger

Soft Furnishing


Nurgcult (bumped for done)

Dark Vengeance - How to Paint Nurgle Cultist - Part 1
Dark Vengeance - How to Paint a Nurgle Cultist - Part 2
Dark Vengeance How to Paint Nurgle Cultist FINAL

Quiet Please

Night Lord Librarian W.I.P.
Unboxing Night Lord Conversion pack (finecast)
Night Lord Tactical Squad, MkIV Maximus Armour