Monday, 21 February 2011

The General Excels

GeneralSplatton's Heros! Youtube Build Project


High Elf Prince Althran


Scratch Built Imperial Warhound MkII

Lovely gaming pieces

40k Doubles 2011 Review, PtII: OUR ARMY

Working at the tank wash

Death Korps Armoured Regiment: Leman Russ Squadron 1 Done


Terrain is everything - 40k Ruins


Creating TL Flamer Turrets

Grind, Fewer (More?) Bumps

Gaming on a Budget: Making Rubble

Nice, tidy, piece

We all have a cross to bear!

Bump and Grind

Hobby Drill #2 (multi-tool/grinder)

'Nuff said

Scibor Miniatures - New SciFi Angel Knight and Celtic Warrior

Nid Headache Assured

Warhammer 40k animation-Dark Angel wrath part 2