Monday, 7 February 2011

SR the GW way

Blood Angels: Stormraven Stage-by-Stage Painting Guide

Nu Hobbycrib

I can feel it calling in the air tonight...

Gold Niceness

Blood Angels Terminator, Vid 84

Face it

Talent Not Required - Changing Faces

If we build them, they will come

Tutorial - How to prepare a plastic model

Some OSL Theory from Ron

Glowing powerfist, Part 3

This man is wise

Tournament Structure Deep Dive: Part I - What Makes a Great Tourney?

SOB SR Majesty

Retribution Pattern Stormraven


More Inq SR Goodness

Squall Guppy Work-in-Progress, Day 3
Squall Guppy Work-in-Progress, Day 4

Like you have a bag full

Hobbytipp: Farbpötte mit Kugeln präparieren
In a sort of English

Personally, I use good quality nuts.

Be Prepared

Grey Knight Storm Raven DONE