Friday, 19 April 2013


19th April 2013 Flory models News Show

Ruinous (bumped for done)

40k Terrain: Laser Cut Ruin Construction Finished
40k Terrain: Update 3 for the Laser Cut Ruin
40k Terrain: Magnetising the Laser Cut Ruin
40k Terrain: Laser Cut Ruins

Older Crisis

Unboxing Tau XV8 Crisis Suite

Sharp Teeth (bumped for addage)

Painting a Tau Piranha Part Four
Painting a Tau Piranha Part Three
Painting a Tau Piranha Part Two (Tau Week)
Painting a Tau Piranha Part One


Mantic Games - The Community
Contagion Outbreak confirmed

Really Matter

Deep Wars Models From Antimatter Games

Dat The Base

40K Nation Battleboard 1

Hobbycrib+ (bumped for addage)

The Shattered Rubric ~ Chaos Biker
The Shattered Rubric ~ Part Two
The Shattered Rubric ~ Part One

Brush Off, Brush On

Hobby Tips - My Paint Brushes
Hobby Tips - Paint Brush Cleaner Review

OK (bumped for addage)

TAU-TASTIC #5: Lets Paint A XV104 Riptide Part Three
TAU-TASTIC # 4: Lets Build A XV104 Riptide Part Two
TAU-TASTIC: Lets Build A XV104 Riptide Part One

Night Night

How to Paint Night Goblins

Learn Into This Project

Scratch Build Tutorial: "TEARS IN RAIN" Blade Runner Diorama by Ignacio Bernarcer | Warfare in Scale

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 17)

Section (Ob): Fat Dragon Games' Castle Winterhawk Church, With Enhancements - Update

There we go ... all printed and mounted, and ready for cutting and scoring ...

A couple of vidcaps, from the video ...

Now to take some more video :)

The Colonel

Adepticon? Nah ... Get Chilling

Chilling Wargamers Episode #15 with Tightheaded Prop

Lanning Pad

Class Preview! Sculpture Techniques w/ Don Lanning

Knowing The Drill

Dremmel and Hobby Drill

Kick The Scenery

Brush 4 Hire's Kickstarter Kicks Off

Making A Wave

TerranScapes - Ocean Board Terrain - Experiments and New Additions


TerranScapes - Kroma Krackle Revisited

Ken OB

AGP Unboxed: Oniwaban (Infinity)


The History of Gothic Arches 

Tipping Point

Hobby tips 15 Expanding Foam