Monday, 12 December 2011

Fluff For The Win

Reverse Painting Contest!

Old Fave

Zvezda 1:100 scale Panzer II kits

Eye Eye

Hobbyist Tactics Episode 2: The Eyes

Nice Work, Quickly Or Not

Ork Nob - quick paintjob
40k petshop

Looking Good

Remeil - Beginnings of an Archangel

Tiny As Tiny Things On The Planet Tinyus

Shinano warband

Tiny Troublesome Fellas...

Snog Snog Pop Pop

Copplestone Castings Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Range

More Than A Road (enhanced)

Roadside America Visit

Hitting The Spot

Infinity Ariadna Tankhunter with Autocannon

Gorgeously Statuesque

Statuesque Miniatures - Preview

Free Vikings

The 2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge
The Gauntlet Dropped - The 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge


Painted Egyptian Bases Part 2, 40mm Bases...AND Made it on FTW Main Page!!!!

Oh Dear

Cheaters Never Prosper? TanksGiving Scandal

HMGSification 2011

Fall In 2011: HMGS Hobby University Interviews & Gallery


Apocalypse Game 10.12.2011

Dystopian War: Prussians v. Rising Sun

US Rifles vs German Panzergrenadiers in Dust Up

Dyle 'M' for Megablitz - part 3

Happy Model +Libri +Liberi

Defence of Belmont Gap

Apocalypse Now- Monkey in the Middle

Good District

Review: Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartment


Painting Necron vehicles quickly


How to: Cork-board Basing Part 1

Brush On

Another plug for W&N brushes

MV Giving Us A Happy, English, Time

Theory - the way of the Miniature Painter
Tutorial - Light and Shadow
Tutorial - Zenithal Lightning / Work Order
Theory - Warm/Cold Colours
Tutorial - Painters Travel Guide
Tutorial - Room for freshness
Tutorial - How to prepare a metal miniature...
Tutorial - How to prepare a plastic model
Tutorial - Black is the new Black!
MASSIVE VOODOO Tutorial Overview


The bad, the worse, the ugly


The Fury of Menasa

Air Up

Airbrush Tips for Miniature gaming
Colour Modulation Part 1: Airbrushing Basecoats


Fokus und Kontrast


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Hot Toys 2011)


Rats! Infest the Pitch

Rusty Plates

Tutorial: Painting chipped metal and rust on terrain

Someffin 'Ere

Ork Objective Markers

L Sid

LA ESPAÑA MEDIEVAL (EL CID) por el gran dibujante Justo Jimeno

Goodly Lovely

Breast Cancer Donation Fig has been Donated...

There's No Match, Son

MG Zeta diorama " NO MATCH " versionDC23