Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Walk On Up (bumped for addage)

Prototype Sci-fi walkways
Grid Tiles prototype. Its a prototype kinda day!
Sneak Peak at Cool New Terrain by Modest Magic and CityontheHill 
A (little too) long video showcasing the dungeon tiles
How to "de-sprue" your Modest Magic terrain.

Get Stuffed

Using Taxidermy Foam as a Filler

Tool Time

A tools primer for DM's crafting (The DM's Craft, EP29)


Forge World Tau TigerShark AX 1-0 *review*

Tankless Task

On the desk ~ 2


Vlog 17: Thank you for the Tamiya photo booth and review
My DOG TREAT arrived!!!

Sing And Dance

Unboxing the Pulchinella King for Carnevale