Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sticky Subject

Tools: Super Glue

Painting Ponderings

Why Do More than Just Tabletop Quality?

Easier with staff discount

Armies on Parade – the Staff Entries

Hobbycrib Gulp

Big Time Trebbia

Trebbia report

Lovely Job

Sergeant Lorenzo

You do not see this everyday

Mk 1 Predator/AAV for the Emperor's Great Crusade


Post #200 - An excursion into the depths of the Closet of DOOM!!

What no Zouaves?

First Guns at Gettysburg report

Up and Down


Always love the horses

French Napoleonic HQ Staff-Zvezda

Very Nice and Drunk

Birthday Dwarfs !

Very Nice and Nasty

Word Bearers Dark Apostle (Completed)

Someone get me a bucket of cold water

Moar Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado goodness ships


Oops, some things I forgot to post...

Real, Big, Tanks

Bovington Tank Museum Showcase: Photo Heavy!


The Resupply

Disturbingly Funny

3D Art: Jester

Hussar 2011 – the biggest miniature painting competition in Poland

Hussar 2011 – the biggest miniature painting competition in Poland

Belgradeification 2011

Warmachine&Hordes tournament report, Belgrade, August 2011

Bits Galore

Paulson Games - New Weapon Releases

Scibor Miniatures - New Accessories and Weapons


Dave Graffam releases 15-30mm Watch Station paper terrain


Privateer Press – Lord Arbiter Hexeris

I love 'em

User Content Wesnesday - Tales from the Jungle: Unit Fillers: Practical or the Cheap Way Out?”

I only just noticed Warhammer Fantasy Battle unit fillers

Clean Dirty Skulls

User Gallery: Secret Weapon Washes

Rusty Been

Painting rust. With dust

Painting Ponderings

Painting for Tournaments, Part 1: How Not to Paint
Basic Basing Addendum
Post-Event Paint Judging Thoughts

Getting there

Tutorial: Pimp My Bolter: Combi-Melta

Very nice

Totem Hunter: Step by Step

Good job it's not District 9

MAS District 5 Apartment 1

Little Men and Odd Things



German Waffen SS-Ardennes 1944

If I had the cash (or if Cryx was in there)

Warmachine Two-Player Battle Box: The Unboxing

Serendipity is Super

Troll Impaler WIP 4


Warhammer Weapon Swap
Pinning Models

Looking good

40k WIP: Pre-Heresy Style Iron Hands Terminators