Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Khurasan 15mm Medium Tank and APC finished...

Terrain Pillars - First Cast and Moulds Available

Well Chaffeed

Empress miniatures WWII German Fallschirmjäger 1/72.

Torsis' INQ28

319 Fighting Siph's Relictors...

M16-M3 Scale Comparison

40K Perfect Storm

Grissel 2 vs. Sorscha 2

WarGamesCon 2012: The Army Photos!

Pictures at an Exhibition - WargamesCon 2012
Wargames Gallery 6-22-12

More New Conversion Parts from Dragon Forge - Vents!

Blood in The Sun 2012 Coverage!

Rounding Out Ancient Armies/Units

Lady Usher miniature (Smog)

Machinas: Saint Chevy's Custom
Septimontium: Cutto Gustus
Looking at Reaper's new barbarian prince
Septimontium: Arena fighter classes
Around the Metae: Charioteer!
Post Apoc: Missionary and Tadpole
Septimontium: Incident on Meat Street
A couple notes on Post-Apoc terrain

Munitionsschlepper für Karlgerät Of Sorts...
Tuesday Is Tent Day!!!

Mmmm, Not Sure

Finecast Eldrad ... or is he?

Good To Chair

MakerBot Takes On Broadway Set Design 

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Why so serious?
Gaspard,le collerique
Rescuing Han Solo
Khemri Giant Guard

Hobby Ponderings

A quick update as the journey continues


40k Forge World Unboxing Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine

Finger-Licking Reviews

Legion of Everblight Plastic Warbeast Kit Miniature Review
Circle Orboros Plastic Warbeast Kit Miniature Review
Wraith Engine Miniature Review
Plastic Helljack Kit Miniature Review

Ra, Ra ...

JoeyFaux #4.5 : Rasputina Unboxing


Forgeworld Reaver Titan Project Log - The Paint #7


Ichiban Painting Vlog Ep5


Building a Building with Epic Terrain - Part of the FaceTube Wargaming Terrain Week

A Story

New Project - Scifi storage container P2
New Project - Scifi storage container P1

Show Off (bumped for addage)

Model Expo 2012 review
Model Expo 2012: (part 2) Mecha, gunpla and my kits

Not Horny

Painting Saga Vikings

Paint Your Horse

How to Paint Horses


AGP Unboxed: Empire Master Engineer