Friday, 31 December 2010

Lovely, new, conversion toys for my Dream Reaper characters, soon ...

Khopesh Vibro Swords

Church on wheels - me like

Land Raider "Cathedral" update, and some other stuff ;)

1/1/11 - Freaky


Bjorn For The Win!!! (Part 1)

What has been the MOCDMB's 'most popular' post, thus far?

Bjorn The Fell-Handed makes me strong

Maybe the title suggests a way of upping his ante in the game ;) (BTW, the post don't).

Better get on with the good old boy ...

Making a wet palette.....and why, from MM

Making a wet palette.....and why

Another approach (and, yes, they may be combined) ...

My Experiences with Acrylic Retarder

... and, since we are on such things ...

Flow Improver, Acrylic Retarder and their uses
The Art of Thinning Acrylic Paints

1 Minute Tip - Wet Palette!

Stormraven and Furioso 'confirmed'

Stormraven Hands On and Furioso Dreadnought plastic sprue

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

On Rivets, Nuts and Bolts - The tiny ones (Part 2)

OK, I will be adding to this post, from time-to-time, but let's get this party started ...

A, B and C

(A) Microbeads ...

... as in the excellent An Actual Scale Black Templar Crusade ...

... and Friday Quick Tip: Glass Bead Rivets ...

(B) Water filter (do not pay those mad prices, mine was £3.50, from the local department store) resin, ion-exchange, beads ...


Note the wonderful range of sizes (the black specks are charcoal and spikey, giving readers an idea on how to separate it, easily, from the spheres, if needs be - this was after one panning ;) ) ...

... as in the inspired and outstanding Baneblade Transformer, From Baneblade to Titan ...

... and "Rivets by the Million"

... and Making Smallscale Rivets

... and Making Rivets

(C) Old, hard drive 'filter' components ...



= Fail ...


Others: Steel bearing balls

... and Stainless Steel Balls


Others: If you wish to go the whole hog ...

Others: Commercial, polystyrene ('styrene'), hexagonal, rod, snipped and treated with 'bolts', as in Old Red Necron.


Additions to follow.

On Rivets, Nuts and Bolts - Nut flashback (2008)

Hex Nut Challenge: Clay Molding from CTF

Hex Nut Challenge and Hex Nuts - An Exploration, from The Colonel:


Just love those horsies

Vampire Counts Black Coach and Nightmare Horse conversion

Busy, yet beautiful, workbench

Good Morning WIPs

Very nice scratch-build from the past

Tha Ork HeliChoppa!

Monday, 27 December 2010

Ah, Bless ... and lovely work

HF figures

Excellent sculpting (and paint-job) review/tutorial from G

Using Stewalin


On Rivets, Nuts and Bolts - The tiny ones (Part 1)

Pop quiz on the third image ... any ideas on the sources?

Good starter tips from Ron - Repairing damaged models etc

A look at some of the few things you can do to help protect your minis and how to fix them when they do get damaged

Custodes, Marines and Dark Eldar sculpts from H


Pre-Heresy, Worldeaters Dreadnought from H

Pre-Heresy Dreadnought

Worldeaters from Hortworth - Suits Me Sir