Friday, 23 September 2011

Nice Paint-Job Too

Model Review - Red Army Ork Heads by Puppetswar

Big Lad

40k Hobby- True Scale Ironclad Dreadnought Conversion

Love Number 5

Red Box Games - October Releases

French Pictures

Fare foto alle miniature

Medieval On Your Roof

Fat Dragon Games - New Fold Flat Medieval Buildings

One done, one getting there, both super

Nurgle Titan - body done

Star Wars Escape Pod - done.

Tomb Kings, How Do They Work? - Sehenesmet (Part 5) ... Necrolith Buddy, for now

So, anyway ... The Tomb King was, very carefully, fitted into the chest and then the move came !!!

He is in a box somewhere; he will return.

I love Halloween (99p) ...

Check out the Necrolith Colossi in the background ...

Got one in the IPA, overnight ... well, not quite, a few hours got most off, for now (will scrape him later).

So, a little bit of snipping, scoring and bending (it bends, but stays - yippee), will allow the first pose to be struck (he has a bad case of multiple knuckles) ...



Gone All Limp-Wristed

Trapped nerves make you much less of a man !!! :)

Yes I Do TY

Morathi - without snow on the wings ;)

Now, That is Much Better

Forgeworld New Releases - Relic Contemptor and MkIc Deimos Rhino

Short and Tall of It

A question of scale “True-32”

Brushes Please

Warhammer Painting Contest
A competition - for a bit of painting motivation...

Well Deserved

A Winner Is You!


Can't see the brushes for the trees ;)


Torre del Fenix(y VII) , por Escenorama.

No Carrot

Snow version 2.0

Except those that nick minis

GoM News - Gamers Give Auctions Now Live On eBay, Go And Have A Bid NOW!

Get Your Reading Matter

Bridgehead: New category and dates - various magazines and free pdf of downloads


Amon Hen and Some

Dip Like a Persian

Double Dipping - Persian Tests

General Competition

Contest Time Again, Vid 128

Show Your Metal

How to Paint Metallics-Part 1; Painting Silver and Gunmetal, Vid 129
How To Paint Metallics-Part 2; Painting A Sword, Vid 132