Thursday, 17 May 2012

On Transfer

How to make waterslide transfers (decals)
How to apply waterslide transfers (decals)
7 things to remember when using decals

Finest Green

How to make simple Necron crystal bases

Not Hung Or Drawn

How to paint Novamarines quartered scheme

The Highlights

How to go about extreme highlighting

Oh Dear

Quest for an Overlord – Season II

Brickety Doo Da



Hobby: Making Smoke & Flame Markers


Peindre des Space Wolves / Painting Space wolves


Product Review: Fenris Games - Rough Timber Bases


A tip for Outer source lighting OSL


[Rudeboy Redscorps] Red Scorpions Praetorian, a Space Marines Predator variant


Airbrushing Dystopian Wars


My new Hobby Room and Garage


Tyranid Tervigon Complete!
Tyranid Hive Tyrant Complete!

GW Chaos Dwarves

Bwendi Aerospace Patrol commissioned and ready for action

Planets and obstacles

Eden : deux hommes remparts valent mieux qu'un !

Army For The 40K Tournament . Part 7. BattleFleet Gothic

Dark Mariner Commander concept + new greens

Void Dragon Conversion, also Gargoyle for Counts as Dire Bat and new Trygon Assault Template

Doing Justice to Justice?
Scales of Justice

> Morr Madness

South Auckland Club day

The Golden Lion

Warthorne Tempest

Who knew?

Perfect Sunday Morning?

Gun Molls

Cripes! Another 251/10

Battle of the Ghost Compound (No Limits Battle Report for Station 42)


How about some painted Dust Warfare models?

Viking Longhouse diorama

Necron Ghost/Doomsday Arks Painted (part 1)

With MacDuff at Skype's Creek


Crushed glass bases & Completed DUST: Rangers Command Squad

Top Cover near the Dutch Border

US Airborne Mortar Platoon

The Ursa Miners: Space Dwarfs

Lady And Her Dragon

Unboxing Elspeth Von Draken Forge World Warhammer Fantasy Empire

Text You Are

Hobby Tip: Vehicle Texture - Steel Plating


vlog #395 - Reaper Bones Cave Troll review pt 1

Yay !!! (bumped for addage)

Lets Make A: City Board Part Four
Lets Make A: City Board Part Three
Lets Make A: City Board Part Two
Lets Make A: City Board Part One