Friday, 11 May 2012

Flashy Flood

And so the deluge of resin-based 3D printers begins
B9Creator – A High Resolution 3D Printer
B9Creator - A High Resolution 3D Printer

Brrrrr - Splash

Review & Test Secret Weapon : Winter kit & Corpse Bases


Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard (W.I.P)

New Generation

Shield Generator/Power Plant Finished
Shield Generator/Power Plant WIP




Muro con Depron


6th Edition Wish-Listing Month Week 2: The Shooting Phase

Ah Yes

baneblade warhammer 40000 games workshop rogue trader white dwarf
white dwarf games workshop warhammer 40000 rogue trader baneblade 

Good On 'Em

Gundam OYW Gallery 3


Bring me the egg-shaped UAMC Hardsuits!

Golden Demon Winners - Angelo
Golden Demon Winners - Martin Waller
Golden Demon Winners - Andrew Taylor
Golden Demon Winners - Matt Hooton 

Empire Update: Four Greatswords and a Helblaster Finished

The Lone Painter

For Sale: Renegades Shadowsword / Stormsword

Mis Jornadas en Hispania 2012. (Domingo)

May of the Dead

Orc boar boyz - grunt with choppa #1

Dirty little Fae

More heavy weapon bases

Cité des Voleurs : Le roi des Cendres

Fantasy Doubles Armies COMPLETE!

Prince August Conversions: 40mm Semi-Rounds

LPL 6 - Round 10- Maritime Bonus Round

Zaginiona podstawka

Breakthrough battle, British attacking French 1815

Belgrad 1456

dread de nurgle finalizado

Back On It

On the Table: Series 4 Ep. 6... Win GW Citadel Paint Station


Trouble with Tough Dirt and Grime? Plague Marines

Be The Plank


Hairy Palms

Natural Hair vs Synthetic Brushes, Vid 183
Chosing brushes

They Fear Change

Airbrush 101 - Taking away the fear

Pre, Pre

Pre shading and shading on vehicles
Pre-Shading and Pre-Highlighting your Miniatures, Vid 184

We Will Have Nuln Of That

How to Paint Nuln Engineer Part 1 of 2 
How to Paint Nuln Engineer - Part 2 of 2

Battery Included

Flames of War... Royal Artillery Field Battery

Rock Base

1/2 Resin Bases and Terminators
Wings of Fury Terminators update

More Goodies Reviews

Product Review: Modelmates Weathering Spray Dye Rusty Red
Product Review: Modelmates Weathering Spray Dye Slate Grey


How to paint Space Wolves Fenrisian Wolves


Ork Forgeworld Bikerboss How to Paint
Painted Ork Barricades Warhammer 40k (40,000)
Painting Orks with (mostly) washes FAQ

Wash On


White On

Painting White Part 1
Painting White Part 2

Rusty Brush

Rusty look technique using a brush

Been A Good Boy, So ... Some Spends And Shout Outs ...

Had a day out, today ...

Completed my collection of MP Paints !!! (some 'inks' to follow), from ...

The Stamp Corner

... and, purchased the Raging Heroes Heroic SciFi Version, Gluttony !!! :) from ....

Stacking the posts up, for catch-up, tomorrow ;)