Thursday, 13 January 2011

Any shade of grey you like

How To: Paint a Space Wolves Rhino - Part 1
Pre and Post Shading a Rhino: Airbrush Video

Well, hello ladies

Mantic Release Hasslefree Lady Soldiers!

The Colonel's Thunderwolves (Part 1)

I have been looking for cheap, correctly-sized, 'armatures' for my TWC for some time now. When my local store gets 3 more in stock (£3.50 each), it will be time to start chopping.

Xmas comes late for The Colonel

Nom, nom, nom ...

Over the last two decades, I have spent lots of cash at GW, happily and with great pleasure.

In the last few years, money has become more tight to mention, so I will still support my local store/GW site for the odd paint, glue, bits etc, but logic and finance dictate that bulk buys must come from secondary sources (not that GW lose on the deal ;) ).

So, to avoid the VAT increase (and following a bit of heavy eBay 'classics' buying), I just managed to order some new toys in 2010 ...

Chaos SM Battle Force
Chaos Daemon Prince

I will not say who the seller was (due to the usual delays), but, overall, I am a happy bunny ... I have sniffed the sprues (only advised for the older person, who cares little) and now we are ready for the washing-up liquid.

Always one to save a few bob

Gaming on a Budget: Blister Packs Part 2 

Flagging up flags

28mm Flags by 'The Flag Dude'

If it cannot be measured, it is not worth knowing

Back to Basics: Mathammer Take 2
Back to Basics: Mathammer

Want to be 'that guy' or not?

So you wanna get good at 40k? Introduction

I like little leaves

Antenocitis Workshop - New 15mm Terrain and Etched Brass

He looks a bad boy

Harwood Hobbies released a new miniature, the Ravager

Do not dread this

40K: Sneak Peek: Yet More New Dread (pics)
Sneak Peak: BA Dreadnought

I is one

So You Want to be a Blogger?