Friday, 14 January 2011

Scrummy, yummy, models

Artist of the Week Returns! Bohun's Masterpeices! SW, CSM and Eldar!

Brushing up on JB's tools

What Brushes do I use?

Well, if you will do it in your shed

Citadel Washes - effects of cold weather

Rules is rules

New 40k FAQs Are Up

More resin things with sharp teeth

Thunderwolves Part 1: Unpacking
Thunderwolves Part 2: Wargear Choices
Thunderwolves Part 3: Assembly Experiences

Oh dear.

CD Coincidences

How to make a paint display rack
Life is funny, sometimes. I am just in the middle of a similar build, based on CDs/cases, scaled-up. HQB helped me with one problem which was holding me up.

Bigger builds here and here.

Weak and metallic - but mainly in a good way, it seems

General Review #13, Vallejo Model Air Metallic Paint, Vid 82 

Response from OPN here.
Response from G here.