Saturday, 19 November 2011


CMON Shop Update: Frightmare is here!

Connected To The ...

Super Dungeon Explore assembly guide


New Flickr Group for your Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench

My Mojo Is Also Intact, Just Sluggish ;)

 "... it's high time he's gotten some recognition 
for his eye for good content."


Friday Showcase - Baldur the Stonecleaver


Necron Doomsday Ark

Extra Be

Tutorial: Assembly Guide – Building an Extremoth

A Job Well Done

Painting Blitz + AAR 52

Lovely Finishes



Forgeworld Switching to Finecast Resin? Forgeworld Response

Beakyconification 2011

Beaky Con Review Part 1


New weapons on the workbench

From Here

Die Menschliche Sphäre

Going Good

Ol'Seth's Iron Hands Conversions

Looking Good

Wargames Factory Samurai Released

Hilly Billy

Making Hills - Tutorial with pictures

Lots of Lucca Here (bumped for sexy and cosplay)

Lucca 2011: ganesha games show
Lucca 2011: models

Lucca 2011: mecha

Lucca 2011: gundam

Lucca 2011: models

Lucca 2011: sexy models

Lucca 2011: cosplay

Lucca 2011: best of show


Adeptus Mechinicus Skitarii

Excellent Batrep

2500p Medieval Warmaster Battle Report - "Seize and Control" 

Brush With Soap

The State of My Brushes


Infinity: November Neuheiten
Ángel Giráldez

Dark Age Games November Releases are Available