Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bolt Action

CLINIC: Hex Bolts for Re-inforced

Made From Girders

An over view of how to do girders for 40k

Lasercuttery Action

Hobby Update - 6mm buildings
Hobby Update - Elevated Walkways
Hobby Update-Street Dressing and BMW Building
Desktop Lanterns

Nice Rack (bumped for addage)

Catachan Jungle Fighter Paint Rack
Ork Evil Sunz' Badger Minitaire Paint Rack
Orky Evil Sunz Themed Paint Rank & Ready to do some casting
DIY Hobby Paint Rack Part 4 Chipping, Oil Wash, Varnish and Loaded Up With Paint
DIY HobbyPaint Rack Part 3 "Space Hulk" Style
DYI Build a Hobby Paint Rack Part 2 
DYI Build a Hobby Paint Rack

Pure Enough?

Purity seal tutorial


Mini Warhammer 40K Papercraft Terminators - by Jim Bowen
Papercraft Terminators