Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wightly So

Unboxing the Wight King


Orcs & Goblins: River Trolls Unboxed

In The Shade

Gundam/ mech model workshop 61: Pre shading airbrush tutorial

Lovely Tanks For Sale

baneblade and shadowsword, hexblade for sale


Asdrubael Vect. Part One ~ with MarneusAugustaCalgar
Asdrubael Vect. Part Two ~ with MarneusAugustaCalgar

Talking Filthy And Painting Fleshy

Painting Filthy Zombie Rags
Painting Undead Flesh

CMON Lovelies

Eldar Falcon
Chaos Land Raider
Chaos Land Raider
Ork Warboss Roadrippa (and Da Speed Squig), NAGD Chicago 2011 Slayer Sword


How to paint a Ork Killa Kan Part 1
How to paint a Ork Killa Kan Part 2

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas in January


Basing Tutorial


My Little Tank(s)

Techno Techno

Terrain Project: Techno-crates 2

Monday, 30 January 2012


Custom Chapter Pictures and site updates


Paint night


[Necrons] Schwere Destruktoren / Heavy Destroyers

Italic warrior of Villanovan culture, VIII B.C.

Empire Halberds: Citadel and Artizan

Jade Pagoda

Road to Templecon 2012: Display Board

Mongol Knight. Kabuki Models by Iguazzu

Défi Super Dungeon Explore : pari de peinture réussi

Forsaken Coil

ValleyCon 2012 - results

Ishoo Forty-Six: Kislev Peasant's House


What’s in the Project Queue?


New painting place



Modells Unpacked


Tutorial - How to make icicles

Oy !!!

Testing Oyumaru

Not So

Hobby News Review - Secret Weapon Miniatures

Pin Holes

Insider 1-27-2012


How to paint Eldar Dire Avengers grim dark style

He Is Quite Clean

Dirty Jon's Basing Tutorial


Afternoon Quickie: Projects Update

Thought You Would Be Bigger

25mm Sci-Fi Scale Comparo!


Using magnets on a SkyRay-Hammerhead model

Popooree (bumped for addage)

The Alamo

Scratchbuilt - Schwere Destruktoren / Heavy Destroyers

Down on the Farm - An IABSM3 AAR

WIP: Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #02 (and Test Lab Update)

JT-Y’s Khador for sale – Possibly the best paint job I have ever seen.

Ogre Ironblaster conversion

Wyrd Science! Or: How I Learned To Stop Looting Tanks And Love The Warpstone

Painted Skaven Warlord on ebay


Flags of War and Claymore Castings

Beach landing ...

Other Projects for January

Myrsky ankkalammessa

Lich Lord Venethrax

Kindred Arhain of Athel Loren

Comparing Baccus Old and New 6mm Sculpts

Jyske (Jutland)

Battle Report - Eldar VS Guardia Imperiale - 1650 pt

Malifaux - Rebasing Ramos

Grissel Bloodsong, For the Kriel!

Some Forgeworld goodies

23 - 25 of 666 - Crypt Horrors

Miniature Monday - First Grey Knight

Crusade 2012 - Penarth

Manto Stradale - Parte 2

Elves of Another Kind


Blanche on a larger canvas...

6th Maryland Regiment - AWI

Slanesh Deamon Prince / Principe Demonio

Thrilling Tales - British Commando

New Old West Wargame Buildings from Battle Flag

Godendag 2012

15mm Hellhound Critical Mass Games

Mons, 1914 - part 2

Kingdom Death Flower Knight Encore Limited Release

Some Bones to Grind

 Polish cavalry regiment command (BF&S)

1/1200 WW2 ship model availability

Station 42 "Outskirts" update!

[Ramblings of Rictus] Looted Chimeras

Perry Miniatures: Russische Napoleonische Truppen

Dark Age Games - Resin Hail Kin

Tabletop Art - New Flagstone Bases

Warlord Games - Imperial Roman Sentries

Master of the Forge - Resin Wings

Gamecraft Miniatures - 15mm Wild West Buildings

Recon28 - Australian SASR Preview

Ravenstar Studios - Titan X1 Space Ship Release

Model Display Products - New 54mm Releases

Anvil Industry - New Bits Preview

Merican Lancers Tank #4 finished chassis

Master & Commander Close Quarters

From Sylvain: 28mm Napoleonic Russians in Early-Period Uniform (Novgorod Regiment) & Command Stand (80 points)

Old One Eye- Beastman Cygor

Pre-Feudal Scots Warband and Army Marker

Combat Cards.

Vargheists po raz czwarty i ostatni

Throne of Skulls

Chickasaw Fort Complete

A table chock FULL of miniatures!

Showcase: Blood Bowl Dryads

Romano-British Archers and Games Workshop

40K 25th Anniversary (Space Marines)

Original Rhino Re-Paint

Chaos Lord

Mad Ork & Nepharite of Muawijhe & Slaughter Master

1/35 German Medical Troops

Something Like Salamanca Black Powder Playtest

Y Wing Starfighter

Numidians Army Journal 9 - test game -

Battle Of The Marne / Lieutenant, Royal Engineers Private, Army Service Corps, 1914

Mobile Painting - The Results

Yet More Bogeymen

Najewitz Modellbau Releases Two New Cornerhouses 1:72 Normandy

Gurilla's Garage: Tervigon #1 ready to paint

Ogre Ironguts third batch.

40k Hopefuls, #2