Monday, 18 July 2011

Never felt a thing

The finished Heroes of Armageddon Project

Interestingly simple

Camo Cloaks- A Way to Model Them Without Greenstuff


Magnetizing Drop Pods - WIP

Slipping and a Sliding

Workbench: Advanced Waterslide Decals

Eat The Wife and Kids

Till Death Us Do Part


Painting: Metallic Silvers

Quality Dios

Battle of Tarawa - Diorama of the Day

StuG.III Ausf.G - Diorama of the day

Lost - Diorama of the Day

Steel Inside

The Steel Legion get some Transports!


Big Badda Boom!


Stripping Paint off Plastic Marines with Biostrip20

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

This Week in 40K Podcasting – A Year in Review


High Elves Sea Guard Step by Step

A man's gotta eat

Should You Monetize Your Blog?

Quite Gorgeous

Grey Knight Paladin Squad - finished and on Ebay

Pressing matters

Further Success

Push moulding, success

Only the socks please

Selective Stripping

Cygnar Storm Strider Project

Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – What’s In the Box?
Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Assembling the Walker
Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Painting the Walker
Preview: Cygnar Storm Strider – Basing the Beast

UNBOXING: Cygnar Storm Strider

Smile please

Taking pictures of minis

Ahhhh - I see

40K Wound Allocation

Ready All Bases

Getting resin bases ready to use