Wednesday, 6 March 2013


40K EBay Rehab Ork Boyz Part 6 Completed & Display Photos
40K Ebay Rehab Ork Boyz Part 5 The Final Stretch
40K EBay Rehab Orks Part 4 Base work and Highlighting
40K EBay Rehab Orks Part 3 Base Coating Cloth, Leather and a Wash
EBay Rehab 40K Ork Boyz Part 2 Base Coat Teeth, Nails and Eyes
EBay Rehab 40k Ork Boyz Part 1 "The Skin"


Testing Ghost Tint Paints

Pressing Matters

Hobby tips 08 green stuff press molds

Bee's Knees

sculpting with beesputty

In The Army

Armature 0.6mm

Not A Frog Sound

Hobby tips 07 Making Rivits

Dark Factions

Product Review: Dark Potential starter faction packs


Wargamepainting, Daemons of Chaos/Demons of Chaos base swap

Horthol In Here

Trollbloods Unboxing,Horthol Long Rider Hero

Brown V Brown

Devlan Mud vs. Army Painter Strong Tone Ink

Let Go

AGP Review: Litko Movement Trays


How to Wet Blend


unboxing herald of tzeentch burning chariot


The Shattered World Podcast

Pointy Ears

Elves from Across the Ocean Commission Overview

Tips Of War (bumped for addage)

PS - Flames of war - How i make Bocage
PS - Flames of war - How i make rough stonewalls
PS - Flames of war - How i make rural fields
PS - Flames of war - How i make smoke markers
PS - Flames of war - How i make walls
PS - Flames of war - Another map detail on a recon Jeep
PS - Flames of war - How to convert an OPEN FIRE! Box Sherman V's into a 105mm Assault Sherman
PS - Flames of war - My second hand FOW bag & Thank you all 
PS - Flames of war - First idea of making trees
PS - Flames of war - Possible detail for your Devils Charge bases

Flames of War - Trees

Back To The Zone

Mutant Chronicles War Zone Resurrection! Its Back!

This Is Mat Madness

Mansions of Madness - Call of the Wild Expansion Unboxing

Gale Force Nine - Space Station Play Mat Unboxing 


FAQ: Which paper to use for a wet palette?

Holey Tip

Hobby tips 11 Bullet holes