Saturday, 21 July 2012

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 14)

(L): Kitbashing Caelum Calauticum for Warhammer 40k

(d) WIP

(c) WIP

Colours now fixed. Any difference, is due to the window being on the right ...

I need to get an iron, on a few raised areas (although, it is nowhere near so obvious, at other angles).

Mock Aquilas, for effect ...

(b) WIP Teaser

This is a display/photography 'supertile'.

It is obvious, that I used the original print cartridge, on the 'RHS' of the board (red tint), in comparison to the refill, on the 'LHS' (blue tint). Ironically, I prefer the LHS, for this project (so, I could stick newer printouts, on the 'RHS').

Once street furniture is added, and edging and weathering have been carried out, the eye/brain will be deceived :)



(a) Initital Teaser ...

More to follow


  1. In the daylight shots I can't tell. Looking good.

  2. TYVM Sean :)

    I have decided to fix it, tomorrow, with 'stick-ons' ... all cut and ready.

    Also going to fill the two, small, lighter, circular, areas with darker 'stick-ons'.

    I also fixed the slightly-misaligned tile, bottom left ;)