Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hobbing Ponderings (bumped for addage)

A quick hello & Fall Group Builds

NEW 2012 1/6 Tamashii Nations 12 Perfect Model Unofficial Super Sentai AkibaRangers Akiba RED
NEW 2012 Tamashii Nations Perfect Model Godzilla
NEW 2012 1/6 Tamashii Nations 12 Perfect Model Tiger & Bunny figures
NEW 2012 1/6 Tamashii Nations 12"PM Perfect Model C3P0 & R2D2 Star Wars figures!

Studio Update- August 14 2012

On the Table - August 14th, 2012 

Testor's ScaleWorkshop No. 94 - A Postcard from Squadron ScaleQuest 2012

See you all at Gencon 2012



Wargamer Insider: Les @ AwesomePaintJob & Jesse @ Red Steel: Las Vegas

My contest entry into madgolem 100 subs contest

Voices of Mars - Wargamer on a Budget Ep. 6 - Bottom Line Pricing + Recap

D20 Gaming is now Live!

Converting the Baslisk into a Tank Hunter
Converting the BASLISK !

Demon Prince Competition Entry update #8

August Apocalypse 2012 - Introduction

Bretonnian Army Project Day 15 (BEER & DRUMS)

Red Steel Gaming Club - Olton. The development continues..... Part 1. 

Infinity Slow-Grow League starts next week.... 

Erazmus Showcase - Empire of the Dead - Westwind EotD

ThunderRaven Part 3

Show and Tell- Dropzone Commander, Chaos Space Marine Rumors, Zombicide
Show and Tell- Micro Art, GW Releases and rumors, Bane Beasts rule

Austin's Benchmark: Episode 6 (Chaos Blood Angels)

How To Win Warhammer 40,000 Tournaments Tactics (Long!)

40k Nation Absolution Personified: Brian's Birthday Bash Tournament

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