Thursday, 10 November 2011

All My Bases Do Belong To Me - GW Basing Kits Review (Part 1)

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Warhammer (Fantasy) Basing Kit

Warhammer 40,000 Basing Kit

Combined Kits

Full Review to follow.


  1. I always did like their basing kits...just not all the slate they included: as soon as you bought more than one kit (like you did), you realised just how redundant it really is (especially if you were like me and bought the 'Cities of Death' basing kit as well).

    My relatively minor criticism for what I felt were actually pretty decent sets (and I'm not going to go into the wonkyness of their prices us Canadians had to deal with).

  2. Hi IW,

    Yep, I feel your buying pain, although I will be giving a favourable review, all-in-all.

    Particularly as I will be reverse-engineering a lot of them ;) ... oh, and I like slate bits :)