Sunday, 19 February 2012

Looking For Some Bases - Citadel 'Urban' and 'Hero'

I am looking to buy one of each (more, if the price is right ;) ) of the original 'Urban' resin bases, which were in these 'limited edition' kits (addendum: seems the 'Hero' skull bases are those in the, present, 'Warhammer' kit, so not required) ...

Even a picture (or a count) of the actual resin base contents would be a good start (White Dwarf, Cities of Death era?) if you can help an old soldier :) As readers will know, I do have the two, more recent, kits.

Cheers ...

The Colonel


Found these ...

Cities of Death Urban Basing Kit

Modeling Urban Bases

Urban Basing Kit 

Raise my Undead! Vampire Count Necromancer

Necron Lord with Lightning Field and Warscythe

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