Saturday, 6 October 2012

Colonel's Cardstocking Compendium !!! (Part 9b)

Section (Gb): Edging Tools

I have been doing some edging, on my cardstock projects, using a variety of markers etc, which I already had, or were available, cheaply and/or locally.

There are many blacks and bright/gaudy sets available, but, very few browns and greys, which would fit the bill, for most jobs; so I decided to do it 'right'.

I did some online research, and, from reviews etc, I identified the Kuretake ZIG Kurecolor ranges, as the best 'bang for the pound'.

They are reasonably-priced, have a good usage life, are twin-tipped (KC-3000 was the range I wanted) and are refillable, with reasonably priced/available ink (a full swatch is here); all win.

So, doubting that the lighter colours would have much impact (although, this is still to be established), I avoided buying full sets, for now, and visited my local, graphics, paradise, Pinders, who stock the KC-500 and KC-3000 ranges. They are more expensive, individually (£3.07 inc VAT), but I wanted them quickly, so off I went :)

Taking along a few of my smaller projects, I spent a good time, selecting the 'best' browns and greys, I could tell, staying under my £25 budget; here they are (all clicky-for-biggy) ...

 Browns (764, 769, 784), Greys (C06, C07, C09, W10, W11) - Daylight bulb

 Daylight bulb

 Daylight bulb and flash

Here are my swatches ...

  Daylight bulb

 Daylight bulb and flash

I am delighted with them, at this time, and I hope this is useful, for now.

I will bring you some completed pieces, soon.

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