Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It's That Time Again - GamesDayification 2012 (bumped for addage)

Worthy Painting, Games Day 2012

Games day review and golden demon entry

The results of my first attempt at Golden Demon. A great day

UK Games Day 2012: Part One
UK Games Day: Part Two

Games Day 2012

JudgeGudge at Game Day & Golden Demon 2012

UK Games Day Slayer Sword Winner 2012

Red Steel talking about Games Day 2012. Live feed
UK Games Day 2012 : Pt V Final Thoughts
UK Games Day 2012 : Pt IV Golden Demon
UK Games Day 2012 : Pt III Forge World '40k'
UK Games Day 2012 : Pt II Forge World 'The Heresy'
UK Games Day 2012 : Pt I Forge World Seminar


  1. Cheers Col, that was quite a lot of posts to go through. :)

  2. Pleasure Bix,

    Some quality pics and info, as usual - TY :)