Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Log Barricade Update
Fun with Barricades

Stereotyp - Szarża 1939

Allies: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love Thunderwolf Cavalry

LIttle Dwarves

"Voi hesh Anarch, Magir!"

Alien Dungeon shows off their largest mini yet

Couples vs. Zombies

Sodapop post pic of Steampunk Mario

Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne Released
15mm Kingdom of the Jasmine Throne

Legio Malaysia Birthday Bash (Golden Kris 2012 & Kindred III)

SCW 1936-39 International Brigade Group 1

 Żandarmi w komplecie/ Gendarmes completed

Celtic burial site

40K's Mannerist Period

Cape St-Vincent, 1797

Imprint T-80UK - 1/50 Scale

Forgeworld Land Raider Armoured Proteus Completed

"Blacktail" Skaven Commando From The 88th Reconnaissance Battalion

el despertar del mal

Terrain: Fence done and Gameboard WIP

Guerreiro Quadi - PRONTO!!!!!!

Sculpting, converting and painting wargaming miniatures

ábado, 21 de julio de 2012

VSF steamtroopers

63rd de la Planta

the Word Bearers have begun...

Cheeky photo dump

 Badab Army on Parade: Carcharodons

 Incursio Barbarica 15: The Warlord

I've finished my Ork Bike today. Here are some pictures with my new background :

Bile Thralls, Stalkers and Harrower
Warmachine Display Board
Dust: 3 Projects at Once

1st Army 25-pounders

Machinas: All cars gallery (pic heavy)
Machinas: WIP Chevy Quads
Friday Night Fights: AB Johnson vs. Stoker Green


Collecting John Pickford: Otherworld Miniatures Aspis

Radio Controlled death with an alarm clock

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