Thursday, 19 July 2012

Gaming Request, From The Colonel - 40k

I need some assistance, please, from you 40k gamers !!!

This year, I am, finally, going to get some gaming in :)

I am looking for list ideas, that will allow me to play all-comers ... not just to win, but to provide a competitive game and allow me to learn the 6th Edition 40k rules.

Big Ask, I know, but, the lists I should like to build, are as follows ...


(A) Space Marines (any flavour) 750 points

(B) Space Marines (any flavour) 1000 points

(C) Space Marines (any flavour) 1500 points

(D) Space Marines (any flavour) 1750 points

(E) Space Marines (any flavour) + Imperial Guard 750 points

(F) Space Marines (any flavour) + Imperial Guard 1000 points

(G) Space Marines (any flavour) + Imperial Guard 1500 points

(H) Space Marines (any flavour) + Imperial Guard 1750 points 

(I) Chaos Space Marines 750 points

(J) Chaos Space Marines 1000 points

(K) Chaos Space Marines 1500 points

(L) Chaos Space Marines 1750 points


Feel free to post your thoughts, in the comments, email them to me, or point me to any link with any useful information.

Lists would be great and why (points not needed), but, any useful thoughts will be much appreciated and acted upon :)

The Colonel
(getting ready for some serious bizness)


  1. Well, speaking as someone who got back into 40k after a longer hiatus, both loyal and Chaos Space Marines provide a rather nice entry to the game since they should be easy enough to pick up and play but are also rather forgiving, lacking the bells and whistles of, say, Dark Eldar. Adding some IG is definitely great from a creative angle and should also improve the competitiveness, although I am not much of a competitive player, so take that last remark with a grain of salt.

    My two pieces of advice would be to...

    1.) aim for at least 1000 points of Marines, since smaller armies tend to allow for very little tactical flexibility with their complete lack of any HQ choice cheaper than 100 points, rather expensive troops choices. etc.

    2.) wait a couple of weeks until the new Chaos Codex hits. That book is sure to shake things up a bit, so you should wait until the new rules are there. There'll also be shiny new kits as well ;-)

    That said, you probably can't go wrong with any of the options you outlined. Personally, I'd go for a Marines-only force first, then maybe use guard to diversify, once you've got a couple of games under your belt.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Hi KS,

      So sorry for the delay, you found yourself in my spambox !!!

      That is really useful and much appreciated ... added to my list.



  2. Oh no.

    Colonel, do you know the product "I can't believe it's not butter"?

    I see this post and think to myself "I can't believe it's not another marine army... oh wait!"

    I mean I'm just as guilty as the next guy, I've served for 5 years with the Templars, but I'm finally moving on!!!

  3. Hehehe Scotty,

    I have to 'start' somewhere and it fits in with my DreamReaper fluff etc.

    I hear your fears ... perhaps, later ... ;)


  4. Fine.

    I'll allow it... =D

    My $0.02: Go option A, and do Ultramarines. If you're gonna do Marines, go ALL OUT!

    I know Ultramarines cop heaps of flack, but that just makes me want to tell you to do them MOAR! =D

  5. I will try to live down to your expectations ;)