Friday, 27 January 2012

A Sucker For The Juice - A 'New' Basing Material

Had this on the list, for a while ... very cheap, from my local, market, floral supplier ...

Scrunch the block up, in a suitable bag, into the fine, polymer, particles (gloves, care and a mask *may* be useful for this) ...

In these cases, I used brown inks and Vallejo Satin Varnish/Glaze Medium, to bind the brown version (with a quick, grey, drybrush, for illustration) and to create a matt finish (the particles twinkle a little, if not - maybe you would like that :) ).  I used a, light-grey, acrylic paint and the varnish, to make the 'concrete' and then gave it a graded, black wash, for illustration (clicky for biggy) ...

A cheap, fine (but still textured), colour-absorbent, easily-manipulated, 'flock' ... depending on the binding medium used, it can be 'clumped 'or not; experimentation is fun.

I have not tried any brighter colours, on it, yet.


  1. Genius! I must get some and try it out.

  2. Welcome G, Cheers and good luck with that :) !!!