Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Strange Case of The Silent_Spectre Meets The Colonel (Part 1)

I had seen Silent_Spectre Studio miniatures, surface on a number of blogs and was delighted when the artist and owner, Stuart, was on Twitter, looking for painters, for his range of fantasy and sci-fi miniatures and accessories. I, gladly, jumped at the chance of a review (and paint-job) of what Stuart was able to let me have; it is now time to break the silence :)

SSS offer a growing range of sculpts, in a white metal medium, which I like, and the quality of these pieces are proving to be a pleasure to work with. The metal mix is not too soft, but not too hard, to prepare and pin.

Here are the pieces (clicky for biggy), Stuart supplied, 'straight from the bag', with bases, of course (you can see them, built, at the linked pages) ...

Fantasy - Dwarf Lord

Sci-Fi - Grandmaster Oz, Astral Knight

Sci-Fi - Dhurn Adventurer (not yet released)

Here they are, between some other minis ;) (GW's Battle For Skull Pass) ...

I have nearly completed the (minimal) preparation, and I am about to pin the arms, ready for basing and the next images ... then onto painting; I have my eyes on the Dhurn Troopers ;)

Onwards !!! :)

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