Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Colonel Shoots, The Colonel Scores !!! (Part 3) - Magenta Review

So, let us see what we have ... ladies and gents, boys and girls, I present to you, the Dystopian Wars France Magenta Battleship (clicky for biggy) ...

Contents ...

Some sides/tops ...

Other sides/tops ...

Two for the price of one ...

Floating ...

Flying ...

Thus far, Outstanding, in all respects.

The Cons ...

(1) Expected and minimal mould line, around the hull, from a 2-part mould,
(2) Resin spur (easily dealt with),
(3) Smallish indentation, which will require filling and clean-up,
(no details affected in all cases)
(4) There are three, small, mis-alignments, of the plate-joins, on the port of the 'flyer' (added after posting - CS).

The Pros ...

(1) Excellent concept, design, packaging and detail (on resin and metal),
(2) Two versions, with bits for both,
(3) Essentially no flash/mould lines, except for that shown above,
(4) Chunky and satisfying to hold and go meeeeeooowmmm with.

Would I buy one or more? Damn right ... it really is a Fine Cast.

Any questions, please fire-away beeeelowwwww.


  1. I saw these for the first time at Colours yesterday and the game, and was quite impressed with the quality and the cost. I was all so impressed with the models. The only thing that stoped me from starting was the fact that nobody at my gaming club does the hobby.

  2. Hi CD,

    Isn't that often the case ?!!!

    I am not much of a gamer (yet), so it is all good to me :)

    So many products, so few people :(


  3. Bahaha, love your fine cast comment! I totally LOL'd.

    Spartan Games kits really do have incredible casting quality.

    Not only that, but when things do go wrong (and I have quite the horror story), they are very quick to replace miscasts!

  4. Welcome Scott !!!

    Yup, the images speak for themselves :)

    Great to hear of good customer service, out there :)