Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Three Cheers For Kromlech !!!

Not only did I get a quick delivery (from Poland to the UK), but my two sets of 'Vibro Swords' (for my Dream Reapers sergeants and characters) were also accompanied by a free 'chainsword' and two free gems :)

Thank you Kromlech, excellent product and delivery ... I will be back.

Oh, and see the Humbrol Enamel Met 51, on the right?

Avoid it. It is one the worse paints I have ever seen, for coverage, and is barely metallic - bad Humbrol.


  1. Good to hear (about Kromlech, not Humbrol!). I plan to order some stuff from them once their jetbike comes out.

  2. Hi SOT,

    I have had the same service from MM, and it seems they have 'made friends' again.