Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Credit where credit is due

I just had an interesting email session, with another blog owner, who I asked to be included in his blogroll. I have nothing personal against the owner and nothing but praise for his blog.

The main issue, I was told, was one of me not, clearly, crediting the content I am posting. I wish to make my position crystal clear.

I respect every blog and site I read. The sound-bite method, which I have chosen (predominately), is, whenever I see something I like, is relevant or I think is useful ... I post on it.

There is always an image (from the source or not) and always, at least, one link to the source, for the content of that post.

All I wish and intend to do, is to share what I find and expand our hobbies, so as many, as possible, may gain from the delight and enjoyment (most of the time) from participating in them.

If you are not happy, with something I have posted, please email me.

Full credit to you all ... posters, readers, sellers, sculptors, painters, photographers etc etc etc.

It is always due.

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  1. The credit is due to many situation and circumstances. I have nothing personal against the owner and nothing but praise for his blog.

  2. Hello, Colonel,

    It is nice to me! Feel free to use posts of my blog, such as images, etc. Take a look at the tag "Exclusive" at right side roll of the blog. you will find several original models by me, that are perfect for RPG games. Feel free to use then, it is a honor to me!

    Your blog is very nice and complete. I really apreciate it!

    Thanks for your attention, sorry by the bad English and greetings from Brazil!


  3. Hi M and welcome !!!

    I am delighted to see many of your posts, in my 'Popooree' sections ... and I will be happy to have a look in the 'Exclusive' section, in the next few posts.

    Great work ... keep it up !!! :)